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Roberta Redaelli Primavera Estate 2021 Paradiso Indiano

Between ethical fashion, Indian Paradise and street art, the Spring Summer 2021 by Roberta Redaelli

An ethical and green fashion made of awareness and creative reuse. The Spring Summer 2021 collection signed Eclècktica by Roberta Redaelli is a hymn to the future.

Indian Paradise… New Edition is the name of the Spring Summer 2021 collection by the Como-based designer Roberta Redaelli. You are surely wondering why “New Edition” …

The answer is the special message that the brand wants to convey to its customers and beyond. A message that on the one hand wants to promote the idea of ​​conscious and ethical purchasing – no waste, no fast fashion, no disposable fashion – and on the other hand wants to be a tribute to the artist-craftsmen who in recent months have worked with passion and determination despite everything. Roberta Redaelli Indian Paradise Spring Summer 2021And how is such a message conveyed? With a green choice that goes against the trend.
For the new spring summer the brand offers the haute couture collection – generally reserved for customers of the one-year Atelier in Preview tailored line – from March 2020, Indian Paradise, with the addition of a special and exclusive Capsule Collection with new models , new prints and new materials that are explosively mixed with what the brand has already created.

“… We did not want to throw away the work of months, a ready and explosive collection that was stuck due to Covid. It is essential today to be attentive and respectful of the time and commitment of those who work with us, respectful of the environment without unnecessary waste. With my fashion I want to promote the idea that purchases must be conscious and ethical.

Enough of disposable fashion, I have never succumbed to fast fashion and now more than ever I distance myself from it. The way we consume is changing. We are increasingly attentive to quality and to the people who are behind the product and who constitute its beating heart. So it was natural for me to pursue this choice, which I personally tell all my loyal customers… ”says the stylist.

The inspiration that moves sinuously between clothes and fabrics is India, in particular the region of Kerala with its lush nature and typical Madhubani paintings. Sophisticated and colorful animals of Eden and mandalas explode with wonder and colors that bring the scent of an exotic summer to the skin.Roberta Redaelli Indian Paradise Spring Summer 2021Colors that smell of precious stones and flowers animate light and seductive silks to the touch. Soft and refined lines transform the woman who wears them into a modern queen of charm and charm. The brand’s patented knit fabric evolves into impalpable jacquards that caress the skin like a summer breeze.

An “Indian Paradise” that vibrates with joie de vivre and seduction for a summer made of glamor and magic.
To make this collection more appetizing, the coordinated man-woman jackets of the R4R – Redaelli’s Family Project line and a new e-commerce dedicated to this line with exclusive garments and accessories with a genderless mood to dress all fashion lovers without distinction.

The countryside photos signed by Guido Taroni were taken in an Italian temple of Street Art “The castle of Zak” today unfortunately torn from the hands of its keeper and left to neglect and decadence without the slightest interest in protecting a place cradle of youth art and not only known all over the world.
C.St.: Roberta Redaelli Press Office –  Capsule photo by Yvonne Vionnet

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