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Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia le collezioni Sealife & Shine per l’Estate 2021

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia the Sealife & Shine collections for Summer 2021

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The young start-up Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, was born in 2018, from a creative “divertissment” of the stylist its founder Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, who wanted to revisit in a fashion key the ancient tradition of processing the “Stramma” (dialect term indicating a spontaneous local grass formerly used for basketry, typical of Lower Lazio).

An eco-sustainable brand of fashion accessories and high-end costume jewelery that promotes an entire territory and its traditions, the mission, in fact, of Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia is to create, with the collaboration of Master Artisans and local workers, original and exclusive creations of recognized excellence.

Two production lines:
High costume jJ (necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets) made of “stramma” set in precious and semi-precious metals and zircons, in three variants of silver color (also suitable for a male audience), gold and the new entry Rose Gold;

Fashion Accessories (silk twill scarves, 100% Made in Italy, with exclusive prints inspired by the fauna of the Aurunco ​​Territory, the first of which is “Butterflies”, inspired by some of the 101 species found in the Parco dei Monti Aurunci).Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia le collezioni Sealife & Shine per l’Estate 2021The Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia brand of eco-sustainable, artisanal women’s fashion accessories with a strong territorial connotation, was born and wants to express the Timeless nature of objects that represent an expression of timeless creativity and quality. This is why the Collection is enriched with new shapes, new inspirations in each season to complement the previous creations.

The new Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia collection for summer 2021 has three key words:
Shine: Swarovski ton sur ton thermal crystals on silk scarves for an original three-dimensional effect and brilliant zircons to embellish the Circle line of bijoux, for a “shining” effect, which is also enriched with a warm and enveloping Rose Gold galvanic;

Handmade: given the return in great style of crochet, crochet work with a thin viscose thread on some edges of the scarf and on the exclusive Bandana in organic cotton, inspired by the ancient tradition of kits;

Marine Life of the Gulf of Gaeta: the new series of scarves (inspired by the marine fauna of the homonymous gulf), with exclusive designs, reminiscent of the texture of “particular” species of the local marine fauna such as the sea cow, the Pentagon Star, mullets, Pelagia noctiluca and many others, in bright colors, typical of the summer season.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia le collezioni Sealife & Shine per l’Estate 2021
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia has in her Vision the claim #AmolamiaTerra a real philosophy, a way of living that respects nature and the ecosystem of the territory that welcomes it, transmitting ancient values ​​as the cultural heritage of an entire people. For these values ​​it has obtained the patronage of the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park, the Regional Park of the Aurunci Mountains and the XVII Mountain Community of the Aurunci Mountains.

You can find Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia creations, on the official website, on the Alibaba, The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry, ExtraItaStyle and on Homi Fashion Jewels #Besustainable, in Bangkok at the Dolce Italia Italia corner of the Central Chidlom Department Store, and soon in a dedicated corner at the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base in Gaeta.

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