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Relations between Uzbekistan and Italy in fashion and design

“Uzbekistan establishes important collaborations with Italy for the promotion and development of Uzbek fashion and design”
P.Rew .: Gisella Peana Press Office
Uzbekistan is undergoing significant development in the fashion and design sector. Today in Uzbekistan, under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, enormous reforms are being carried out, as the President affirms: “In the current period, where our country is in full change, we can say that we are in the era of the Third Renaissance. Because today our people are no longer the same as yesterday ».

The Government of Uzbekistan has implemented a series of reforms in all sectors, including culture, art and design. In particular, the presidential decrees “On the strategy of initiatives for the further development of Uzbekistan”, “On measures for the further development and improvement of culture and the arts”, “On the approval of the innovative development strategy of the ‘Uzbekistan for 2019-2021 “.

Saida Amir
Saida Amir

The aforementioned decrees pay particular attention to the arts and design. In order to increase the effectiveness of the ongoing reforms, fashion and art are being promoted through cultural and educational exchanges with the various Academies and Universities around the world specializing in these sectors. These important collaborations are possible especially thanks to the prestigious National Institute of Fine Arts and Design “Kamoliddin Bekhzod” (NIFAD), the main Uzbekistan Academy of professional training of arts and design with the most qualified teachers in the disciplines of the history of art, design and fashion.

Xilola Sher
Xilola Sher

Cooperation with foreign institutes is essential for students to acquire greater skills, having the opportunity to attend universities all over the world. Most of the students who studied at NIFAD are making themselves known with their creative work all over the world: Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, Russia and many other countries.

Uzbekistan has a centuries-old culture and traditions in fashion and design. During the reign of Amir Temur (known as Tamerlane in the West) and the Temurid state, great importance was attached to the culture of clothing. The Spanish ambassador Ruj González de Clavijo, who lived in the palace of Amir Temur, wrote the diary “Journey to Samarkand” where he tells that during his travels Amir Temur brought skilled craftsmen to the country who created splendid clothes, as well as curtains and other accessories of furniture.

Dildora Qosimova
Dildora Qosimova

Clothing is fundamental in the history of the Uzbek people, it represents not only a garment, but also the glory of the state, it is the expression of national pride, it embodies a centuries-old history, ancient traditions and popular culture.

In recent years, design has become one of the most popular art forms in Uzbekistan, this is due to the development of market relations, the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, the intensification of international relations and the computerization of society.

Even in Italy Uzbekistan wanted to bring its culture and centuries-old traditions into fashion and design. In particular, direct contacts have recently been established between the famous Polimoda School of Fashion in Florence and NIFAD. The two institutes are currently jointly developing forms of academic cooperation in the field of fashion and design.

Furthermore, last summer a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the European University of Design (UED) of Pescara and the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry (Uzbekistan). In 2019, the UED delegation took part in Tashkent Fashion Week with a fashion show of the exclusive women’s collection of the young Italian designer, graduate of the UED, David Di Iorio.

In addition to this, the Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Industry Association collaborates with the Milan Fashion Center and regularly participates in exhibitions and fashion shows at Mad Mood Milano.

Zulfiya Sultan
Zulfiya Sultan

There are numerous cooperation agreements between Uzbek and Italian companies and designers, where Uzbek fashion designers have the opportunity to make known their creations inspired by the models of their tradition, rich in decorative embroidery, fabrics with floral prints, in the typical colors of the nation .

The main sources of creative influence are the country’s rich national traditions, the beauty of nature, ancient architectural monuments and the history of the motherland.

Clothing has a very important role, as well as economic, it reflects the society in which we live, it changes, changes, according to the historical period, and we cannot ignore it, every government has a duty to implement the development of the fashion and design sector and related international relations.

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