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Tendenze: profumi per lei e per lui di Armani

Trends: perfumes for her and for him by Armani

The season of Armani perfumes is not over yet, in fact even in autumn 2021 its essences surprise us. Perfumes for women and men, of a unique intensity of their kind, perfect for those who want to feel really confident. Let’s find out together what are the latest trends in Giorgio Armani fragrances.

Tendenze: profumi per lei e per lui di Armani
My Way Armani

Women’s perfumes: My Way
Let’s start with an Armani women’s perfume that has won the hearts of many of her and that has led them to have an intense and passionate added value. We are talking about My Way Armani, the latest Eau de parfum fragrance designed for the female world. A perfume that allows you to broaden your horizons and leads you to explore the world. Only her bottle manages to attract attention. Starting from the blue cap, which represents the Earth, with its gold ring indicating its path to follow. Then arriving at the rosy body, for a combination of colors that gives confidence and determination. What is most exalted are the woody and flowery notes, so far away but also so close. Its composition:

– Top: African orange blossom, Calabrian bergamot;
– Heart: tuberose, Indian jasmine;
– Background: white musk, Madagascar vanilla, Virginia cedar.

My Way, my way: a perfume that, if worn, will be able to highlight your personality, which will guide you on your path to follow. With its refined components and an ecologically sustainable formula, My Way ranks as one of the most loved perfumes by women.

Si passione Armani  
A feminine Eau de parfum that expresses sensuality and passion in each of its components. An exciting fragrance that conveys boldness and strength. This characteristic of the perfume can be noticed immediately, admiring the bottle: an intense red prevails throughout the bottle. A fruity-floral fragrance ideal for self-confident women.

Its composition: -Head: pink pepper, pear, black currant;
-Heart: heliotrope, rose, jasmine;
-Base: Cedar, vanilla;

Irresistibly unique. If you really want to say your greatest Yes, do it with Yes Passion.

Code Armani
A warm and mysterious men’s perfume, perfect for the new season that is coming. This masculine fragrance is inspired by the elegance, refinement, but also the sensuality of an evening tuxedo. An attractive and intense Eau de parfum, which brings with it an air of style and self-esteem. An elongated bottle, with earthy colors just like this essence. The composition of this perfume is as follows:

– Head: cardamom, mandarin, green apple;
– Heart: nutmeg, orange blossom, lavender;
– Background: tonka beans, amber, leather.

A sensual, sophisticated formulation that literally makes you daydream. Impossible to give up this real magnet.

Emporio Stronger With You Intensely
How strong is the love of a man who truly falls in love? The Eau de parfum Stronger With You Intensely by Armani explains it to us, with an intense and strong perfume, just like passion. An oriental fragrance, designed for men who want to broaden their horizons, in search of true love. A passionate man cannot not have it on us. How it is composed:

-Head: pink pepper, juniper;
-Heart: Sage, cinnamon, lavender;
-Base: Tonka beans, marron glacè, vanilla.

An explosion of warm and fascinating essence, for a journey towards love and passion, while maintaining elegance and style.

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