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FiloBlu Leader della Crescita 2022

FiloBlu promoter of the new audiovisual entrepreneurship

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The strategic consulting firm formed a partnership with Anica, becoming one of the 24 founding companies of the “Digital Publishers and Creators” Union. The new association made its debut at the RomeVideoGameLab2021 in Cinecittà

FiloBlu strengthens its commitment to support the new generation of talents. The strategic consulting company whose mission is to accelerate the business processes of its customers by supporting them with omnichannel solutions, has formed a partnership with Anica-Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche, to become one of the 24 founding companies of the Union “Digital Publishers and Creators” . If the historic association opened for the first time to digital storytelling companies for new formats and to entrepreneurs of the audiovisual industry 4.0 distributed nationwide, the newly formed union, chaired by Manuela Cacciamani, will focus on their promotion.

The objectives therefore include the identification of new digital professions and the connection between the new generation of producers, distributors, physical and digital platforms as well as the world of creators; alongside, cooperation on training with universities and research centers will be fundamental, in order to become a point of reference for national, regional and international institutions. There will be two vice presidents: Vincenzo Piscopo, Director at the Ciaopeople Studios and editor of Fanpage and Carlo Rodomonti, Head of strategic and digital marketing of Rai Cinema.

With offices in Milan, Venice and Naples, FiloBlu is one of the most important and recognized companies in the digital sector, constantly growing and expanding, with over 200 professionals currently employed. The project will strengthen support in identifying the talents of the future in which the company has been investing for some time, thanks to its many years of experience in technological solutions for optimizing the business of companies at an international level.

The union made its debut at the Cinecittà studios in Rome, during the “RomeVideoGameLab2021”, the first Italian event dedicated to applied games, on the occasion of a round table on digital storytelling, curated by Simone Arcagni, professor at the University of Palermo, scholar, consultant and popularizer of new media and technologies, author of the book “Digital Storytelling – The new productions 4.0”, in which FiloBlu also took part.

At the round table, which saw Carlo Rodomonti, Head of Strategic Marketing and Digital Rai Cinema, as moderator, several well-known faces took part, including Christian Nucibella, Founder & Chairman of FiloBlu, who declared: “The Union of Digital Editors and Creators represents reality with growth potential in the entire contemporary audiovisual supply chain. We are proud to be among the protagonists of this initiative to support the talents of tomorrow and new professions, moving more and more actively in the field of film industries.

FiloBlu is an on & offline strategic consultancy company, based in Milan, Venice and Naples and with a strong international vocation, which offers tailor made and complete solutions to companies operating in many sectors (including: fashion, lifestyle, food). With a team of over 200 specialized talents and studied as a successful case history by the Financial Times and Deloitte, FiloBlu has a sustainable, global and capillary vision at the customer’s service, thanks also to solid agreements with international players. Numerous awards received: FT 1000 Europe’s Faster Growing Companies in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021; 350 Digital Stars 2020 by La Repubblica Affari & Finanza; “Leader of Growth” of Il Sole 24 Ore and Statesman in 2019, 2020 and 2021; EMEA Technology Fast 500 (from 2015) and Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies from 2018 onwards.

FiloBlu awarded for the fourth consecutive time as Growth Leader
The strategic consulting company is in the Top20 of Italian companies with the highest turnover, within the ranking of Sole24Ore and Statista which selects the companies with the highest increase in revenues from 2017 to 2020.

Il Sole 24 ORE
Il Sole 24 ORE

FiloBlu strategic partner for business growth. FiloBlu is a strategic consulting company that supports and guides brand-customers in business development by building unique and long-term brand / consumer relationships through a native digital, data-driven approach, oriented to performance and sustainable growth management.

Founded in Venice in 2009 by Christian Nucibella, with seven operational offices in Italy and around the world, a team of over 200 talents and more than 200 projects, the company that has seen Alberto Arcolin as CEO since August 2021, has recorded growth for over a decade exponentially and closed 2020 with a turnover of 55 million euros (+ 40% compared to the previous year).

Transformation by Digital is the basis of FiloBlu solutions, the new paradigm that involves the entire ecosystem of the brand, to accompany partners towards full digital maturity by developing concrete strategies capable of guaranteeing a sustainable and lasting growth trajectory. A model that starts from the strategic interpretation of data through the proprietary Business Intelligence analysis suite.

FiloBlu Leader della Crescita 2022
FiloBlu Leader della Crescita 2022

Within the changed market scenario that sees the relationship between brands and consumers increasingly symbiotic, FiloBlu has also conceived and developed an innovative framework that responds to the 8 most common needs between retailers and brands, placing the customer at the center of every strategy. A working method based on eight key points: E-commerce, Marketing, Team Empowerment, Full Stack Experience, Local to Global, Strategy, New Business Model and Branding; each reinforced by successful case histories.

FiloBlu represents an Italian ecosystem with an international vision, where strategic, technological and organizational expertise work in synergy, providing solutions in response to the individual needs of each brand.
A strategic consulting company that grows together with its partners.


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