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Earth Day Il giardino degli angeli Roberto Giannotti

Earth Day: Roberto Giannotti’s Garden of Angels

On the occasion of Earth Day, the Roberto Giannotti maison renews its social commitment in favor of the planet, promoting the responsible purchase of bijoux for the creation of a real forest, whose growth can be followed on the page

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A pioneer of the concept of ecological compensation in the world of Italian jewelry, the Roberto Giannotti maison is once again the spokesperson for the value baggage of excellence in the production of Made in Italy children’s jewelry, with the capsule collection created thinking about the future of children and the world in which they will live.

Earth Day Il giardino degli angeli Roberto Giannotti
Earth Day Il giardino degli angeli Roberto Giannotti

 An eco-friendly jewelry collection, respectful of the environment, at the forefront of giving its support to an ethical project, in which respect and awareness make the difference: contributing to reforestation in countries where the uncontrolled collection system has done damage notable. This is precisely the essence of the iconic symbols protagonists of The Garden of the Angels whose protagonists are: angels, hearts, flowers, wings, pets, declined in bijoux for girls and boys, unfold a green philosophy.

Three new proposals expand the existing line: the first, necklaces and bracelets, customizable with engraving, embellished with a plate with an angel in yellow gold and red coral, ideal for wishing the new born a peaceful and fortunate life, or turquoise, considered the birthstone, capable of attracting success and creativity.

The second, bracelets with two angels in yellow gold, an icon par excellence of the family and union, and a brooch or bib, par excellence symbols of birth. And finally, for animal friends, the bracelets with gold plate with two angels and the little dog, the kitten or the turtle.

With Il Giardino degli Angeli, Roberto Giannotti has made sustainable philosophy not only a jewel, but also his soul: necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings are accompanied by packaging made from 100% recycled paper and totally “Made in Italy. ”Making the jewelry collection even more herald of an ethical and supportive message in support of the planet.

Not only that: by purchasing a jewel from this special collection, you contribute to enriching the Il Giardino degli Angeli forest with new plants, thanks to Roberto Giannotti’s partnership with Treedom, the web platform that allows you to plant trees remotely. In fact, since 2010, the year of its foundation, there have been over 400,000 trees in Italy, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Artisan quality, creativity and innovation are among the founding values ​​of Roberto Giannotti, and sustainability is one of these: connecting feelings with social and environmental responsibility are essential characteristics, to protect, safeguard and enhance the global heritage, inspiring and spreading love and awareness for the planet.


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