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Trucco labbra: come usare il lucidalabbra

Lips makeup: how to use lip gloss

We women love lips gloss and that’s a fact. We like the effect it has and the feeling of having more sensual, fuller and more detailed lips gives us security and confidence in ourselves.

Trucco labbra: come usare il lucidalabbra
Lip makeup . lip gloss

But are we sure we know how to spread it in the best way? Often, especially when we are occupied with a thousand thoughts or in a hurry, we tend to put the lip gloss incorrectly, that is, directly from the applicator in which it is located. Did you know this isn’t the professional way to effectively wear a great lip gloss? There is a better way that will allow you to get a more precise, lasting and beautiful lips makeup. Let’s find out how to use lips gloss correctly!

First of all, before putting the lips gloss on the lips, they must be properly prepared: how? Simple, by massaging them and spreading a balm or a special cream over them. There are lotions, creams and serums suitable for this purpose: thanks to the presence of organic extracts and natural substances, these products are able to adequately prepare the lips for make-up. At least 10-15 minutes must have elapsed for your lips to be hydrated and ready for make-up.Trucco labbra: come usare il lucidalabbraDab
After the indicated time has elapsed, your lips are ready to be made up: therefore, press your lips using a cotton pad or a simple paper handkerchief. Do it little and slowly, in order to eliminate only the excess product. By pressing lightly you will avoid removing all the serum and having to start the process all over again.

Trucco labbra: come usare il lucidalabbra
Lip makeup . lip gloss

Pick up and wet
Lips gloss should not be placed directly on the lips, it is a mistake. Take a certain amount and place it on the back of your hand: don’t overdo it, if you still need it you can take it from the case. In this way you will save makeup and money, but not only: one of the most frequent mistakes when putting on a lip gloss or a lipstick is to exaggerate the doses. This can lead to very bad road accidents, even during the evening! With a special brush, dip the tip of the tool into the makeup and – little by little – begin to spread the product on your lips.

Knock down
Here we come to the most salient point. Start applying your lips gloss on your lips, starting from the upper lip and then moving to the lower one. Here are some useful professional tips: when you are making up your upper lip, it is better to always start from the center and then reach the lateral areas of the mouth.

On the other hand, for the lower lip it is necessary to start from the sides first, arriving only afterwards to the center. If you have thin lips, you can also decide to add a small amount of gloss only to the center of your lips, to give more volume and prominence to your lips, which will now be sexy and attractive as never before.

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