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CNMI: I Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 celebrano il terzo paradiso di Michelangelo Pistoletto

CNMI: The Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 celebrate the third paradise of Michelangelo Pistoletto

On the occasion of the event, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana set up 4 scholarships at the Fondazione Pistoletto’s Accademia Unidee to support young talents in their education

Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto accompanied CNMI in the new edition of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards – held on 25 September 2022 at Teatro Scala in Milan – to express the fashion world’s commitment to a renewed ecology of relations and practices. A new togetherness based on the pact between man and nature.

The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 celebrate the Third Paradise as an emblem of the road to sustainability in fashion.

The collaboration between Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Cittadellarte is renewed after 10 years and confirms the shared commitment in the field of training for sustainable fashion, on which Cittadellarte’s Unidee Academy is founded with its three-year degree and master’s degree courses, in collaboration with the textile industry, global brands and the United Nations.  In fact, the National Chamber for Italian Fashion has set up four scholarships for young talents who wish to undertake training in the field of sustainable fashion, and learn the techniques, tools and methodologies needed to effectively meet the challenges in the three areas of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.

The CNMI scholarships will provide four full tuition exemptions to the three-year Sustainable Fashion courses at the Unidee Academy of the Third Paradise.

The Third Paradise, a symbol created by Pistoletto and disseminated as a collective work of art and a commitment to responsibility made by hundreds of communities, groups and individuals around the world, has been chosen as the symbol of the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022. It represents the fusion of the first and second paradises: the first is the one in which human beings were totally integrated into nature, the second is the artificial paradise, developed by human intelligence. The Third Paradise is the third phase of humanity, which is realised in the balanced connection between artifice and nature.

“If twelve years ago, when we founded the Cittadellarte initiative dedicated to sustainable fashion, we had been told that one day not only the most important federating organisation of fashion would award global brands and socially committed start-ups with an award dedicated to sustainability, we would not have believed it easily,” said Paolo Naldini, President of Accademia Unidee and Director of Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto. ” The courage of CNMI to join the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative and the Ellen MC Arthur Foundation is an epoch-making signal that hints at the foundations being laid for a capitalism of regeneration, care and equity. To concretely practise the general reorientation of the entire supply chain now requires a gigantic learning curve: the classrooms of this new industrial revolution are the companies themselves, the trade associations, and even the places where we will buy and decide our consumption or regeneration models for materials and energy. Cittadellarte’s Accademia Unidee was the first three-year degree course in Europe entirely dedicated to sustainable fashion. Our lecturers are at the forefront in training visionaries and expert developers in the concrete of a fashion no longer on the side of the problem, but on the side of the solution”.

Maestro Pistoletto, with the support of Paolo Naldini and Olga Pirazzi (head of the CIttadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T. Bio Ethical Sustainable Think-thank platform), was a member of the jury that nominated the winners of the 2002 CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards, prizes dedicated to virtuous personalities and companies in Italian and international fashion that have distinguished themselves for their commitment to sustainability in its most articulate sense, for vision, innovation, commitment to craftsmanship, recognition of differences, circular economy, human rights and environmental justice. Each award-winner received a reproduction of the Venus of Rags made with a 3D printer and personally decorated by Michelangelo Pistoletto’s handiwork.

I would like to thank Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto for giving us the opportunity to use two of his works of art for our Sustainable Fashion Awards. The Third Paradise, which the Maestro allowed us to take as the symbol of the event, and the Venus of Rags, a miniature of the work reproduced in 3D in 14 specimens customised by the Maestro for each of the awards, which presents a union of opposites in an unprecedented harmony generated by art, but is also the first denunciation of the problem of textile waste generated by the fashion industry. The collaboration with Cittadellarte, which before us decided to put environmental and social sustainability at the heart of the idea of the future, is a great source of pride for us and sanctions a profound collaboration to jointly pursue a vision for a sustainable and supportive future.” Said Carlo Capasa, President Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

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Accademia Unidee is unique: an academy of fine arts where you can study art and fashion for sustainability.
Accademia Unidee grew out of the experience of the Pistoletto Foundation and its international benchmark training programmes in the field of art committed to the responsible transformation of society. Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the most important contemporary artists, is its inspiration. From his work, a project and a proposal for building a sustainable future have taken shape. A vision of a possible balance between artifice and nature. The symbol of Accademia Unidee is the Third Paradise. https://accademiaunidee.it 

Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto is a new model of artistic and cultural institution that, in addition to the already established exhibition and training functions of the museum and academy, develops an art directly committed to a responsible transformation of society. It is a school where one can learn methods and practices to help transform every sphere and discipline of society in a responsible sense: from fashion to food, from architecture to politics, from science to education, from law to economics.
P.Rew.: CNMI Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

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