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Jadea ‘’Chic’’ Fall Winter 2022 Belén Rodriguez

Jadea ”Chic” new Fall Winter 2022 Collection

As light as air, as delicate as dew, as overwhelming as a tide
The new Fall Winter 2022 JadeaChic” collection exalts the glamorous soul of the Italian brand and does so by unveiling new lingerie inspired by ethereal and immaterial elements such as Air, Dew and Tide.
Testimonial of the Jadea brand is Belén Rodriguez who best expresses this new concept of pure and abstract lingerie, interpreted with colour combinations, fabric overlays and seductive transparencies that combine with the impalpability of dreams.

Linea ”Aria”: pure, healthy, light and fresh like the soft stretch cotton and the colours chosen for an underwear line of comfortable sensuality for women who breathe dreams like air. Available in black lace overlaid with light grey, and petrol lace juxtaposed with milk-coloured stretch cotton.

The models that best express the ‘Aria’ collection are: the coordinated push-up and Brazilian, the coordinated balconette and briefs, and the tank top plus briefs. Among the single models, there is the brief, the Brazilian, the thong and the midi.

Dew Collection: a small drop that becomes a sea in the world of dreams. An underwear line that gently caresses the sensuality of the female form. A more seductive and enchanting design in the embroidered floral transparencies, available in black with champagne-coloured lace and petrol combined with black.

Various models are also available for the ”Rugiada” line, including the coordinated push-up and Brazilian, the coordinated balconette and briefs, the coordinated camisole plus briefs and finally the single models: briefs, Brazilian and thong. The Jadea ”Chic” Autumn Winter 2022 collection is completed with the third underwear line ”Marea”.

Jadea ‘’Chic’’ Fall Winter 2022 Belén Rodriguez
Jadea ‘’Chic’’ Fall Winter 2022 Belén Rodriguez

That silent but constant oscillation of women between the need for comfort and the desire to express their sensuality as overwhelmingly as a tide. The perfect fusion of comfort and seduction, translated into the colours blue and black with slight contrasts of white and light blue, available in different coordinates: push up and briefs, balconette and Brazilian, top plus briefs. And finally in single models: briefs, Brazilian, thong and midi.

From everyday comfort, to seduction by night, to the lightness and breathability of the fabrics. Jadea is a brand that speaks to women in the language of glamour, supporting their shapes and enhancing their femininity. Jadea underwear is characterised by an excellent fit, with sizes designed to enhance all shapes. Coordinates with push-up bras and balconette tops are available in sizes from 2nd to 5th, while those consisting of a camisole and briefs are offered in a range from S to L. And finally, single products, depending on the model, go from 2nd to 6th.

All with an excellent quality/price ratio, with particular attention to the fabrics and materials chosen. A guarantee of product but also of Italian design that is always up-to-date and on trend, with sophisticated designs for increasingly original, creative and glamorous collections.

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