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Jadea Moda triangolo + slip nero

Jadea ”Moda” underwear collection Fall Winter 2022

Jadea underwear line ”Moda” Let the wind caress your skin
The new Jadea Underwear collection from the Fall Winter 2022 ”Moda” line.

And for the cooler season, the Italian brand Jadea is ready to present an underwear line inspired by the names of the winds. Libeccio, Tramontana, Scirocco, Bora, Levante, are just some of the series of the romantic and enveloping ”Moda” Fall Winter 2022 Jadea line.

Jadea Moda triangolo + slip petrolio
Jadea Moda triangle + petrol slip

The star testimonial is the well-known showgirl Belén Rodriguez, who this time expresses a concept of seductive and languid change for Jadea. That little metamorphosis that happens every year when the scorching summer gives fresh autumn its warm colours and golden hues. The most magical time of year when every falling leaf is renewal, and every breath of wind is a push to fly.

And so Libeccio, the name of Jadea’s coordinated set of blue, blueberry and petrol bottoms, tells us that summer is going away, still leaving us with the memory of large, fragrant white flowers. Floral prints and coloured leaves embellish the coordinated triangle + briefs, plus the single models: briefs, Brazilian, midi.

Scirocco that still retains the flavour of summer in aubergine, grey and the military variant on a sand-coloured background. Colours that stand out with the eye-catching animal print that we find in the coordinates: triangle and camisole plus briefs and the ever-present single models, i.e., briefs and Brazilian.

Jadea triangolo + slip nero
Jadea triangle + black slip  

Then comes Tramontana, the north wind that cools the colours and composes geometric textures in the sets: triangle and briefs, pushup and briefs, top plus briefs. Available in pink, grey and petrol and also available in single models: briefs, Brazilian, midi.

Bora, at great speed on coloured vertical lines that decorate the blue, black and blueberry underwear of Jadea’s ‘Moda’ collection. Simple but daring coordinates in the variants: triangle plus brief, camisole and single brief, Brazilian, midi.

Levante blows in from the sea and with its Mediterranean patterns gives us a line of floral underwear in shades of blue, grey and black with pink, fuchsia and turquoise flowers. Coordinates available: triangle plus brief, single brief, Brazilian.

Alisei, regular and constant winds for timeless underwear, embellished with a pattern of small white ‘polka dots’ on a black background, red on a blue background and black on a blueberry background. Three evergreen sets are available: triangle and brief, push-up with brief and top with brief. And three single models are also available: briefs, Brazilian, midi.

Maestrale, an intense and decisive checked style, with a strongly Scottish-style inspiration and a clearly wintry feel. Determined colours such as grey, blueberry and blue, declined in the following models: triangle and brief, top and brief, single brief, Brazilian, midi.

Ponente, where the sun sets and night falls. Black and deep blue characterise a lingerie line with a dark background, illuminated only by a texture of white flowers. A romantic and passionate style available in coordinates: triangle and briefs, push-up and briefs, camisole plus briefs, single briefs, Brazilian, midi.

Jadea Moda triangolo + slip blu
Jadea Moda triangle + black slip  

Finally Grecale the name of a very strong and sometimes stormy wind that interprets a line of underwear with a very marked and defined floral texture, consisting of large petrol, aubergine and blue flowers on backgrounds of determined, typically winter colours. Matching available: triangle with briefs, single briefs and brazilian briefs.

Comfort, sensuality, light fabrics and quality. These are the keywords of Jadea. A brand that speaks to women in the language of style and fashion, interpreting a different mood in each collection, translating the different ways of being of each woman with colours, prints and graphic compositions.

Embracing all their shapes with push-up bras available in sizes 2a to 5a, triangle bras in sizes XS to L, tops and camisoles from S to L and finally briefs from 2a to 5a, Brazilian models from 2a to 4a and Midi models from 3a to 6a.

In the Fall Winter 2022 collection, Jadea whispers to women in the language of the winds, to support them in that change from season to season, from morning to evening, every day, even when the current seems less favourable. A hymn for women to spread their wings and fly into a world of sensual comfort in perfect Jadea style.
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