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Do not be afraid: travel with me to discover America

by Giovanna Fusco
Everyone has a dream in the drawer; I’ve always had one: visiting America! Travel means exploring, confronting, and trying to get the best and the worst of everything. It’s educational, because you gave to adapt, overcoming the difficulties that from time to time arise, with spirit od adventure; So it’s crucial to do it with the right company.

I’ve always been lucky to have a perfect travelling companion to see the nicest places: my mother. With her we love to experience new dishes, reworking them, once they come home.

We love to travel to the discovery of the world, always marveling at us. First of all, therefore, I recommend that you consider the company. The tour begins in New York: as soon as you get here you can not be overwhelmed by the thousand lights that characterize the city: it looks like a canvas picture made at the moment! My adventure begins with the Empire State Building: how can I not remember the appearance of Empire in King Kong’s 1933 movie? Its’ located in the Manhattan district, on the corner of the famous Fifth Avenue and West 34the Street. If you go here, unless you are suffering from dizziness, reach the eleventh floor with the elevator: it’s worth it. We then decided to walk through the Broadway roads, the latter being one of the oldest north-south directions for the city and crossing Manhattan diagonally, leading you to one of the city’s major attractions, including Theater District, Juilliard School, the Lincoln Center, a complex of buildings, and the famous Times Square. Come here for a while, like I did, sit on a bench to really realize that you are not in a movie scene. From the square I moved to the Columbus Circle and then to Central Park. 

The I decided to go to MoMa, Museum of Modern Art, on the 53rd Street, between the Fifth and the Sixth Avenue, without wasting time. I recommend you to enjoy audio guides, free of charge, among other things, why watching the works by listening to the audio helps you to appreciate and to know them better. We stopped right next to the HOPE sculpture: Robert Indiana, the same artist who in 1960s had created LOVE, inaugurated the sculpture between 7th Avenue and 53rd Street, on his eighty-sixth birthday, with the intent to bring his sculptures of hope all over the world. As you can imagine a trip to New York, you can not miss the visit of Statue of Liberty, a symbol of the United States. Once we took the boat, we went to the financial part of New York, where the famous Wall Street wall is located and faces the “fearless little girl” that challenges maschilism; it’s a bronze statue that has a very precise meaning: remember the role of women. From here we moved to the historic Wall Street site and immediately after we went to lunch in a fabulous place on the Hudson: at P.J. Clarke’s on the Hudson. I highly recommend it! The restauranti s not far from the Twin Towers, so we walk to the Freedom Tower. This is a very touching stage! After the September 11th 2001 bombing, two fountains were created in the middle of a park, in memory of the victims: on the bronze panels on their sides are imprinted the names of all those who died in the attack. On the third day I start my tour in East America. It’s been a little magical ride, which I recommend to everyone once in a lifetime, because New York is amazing, but America is beautiful all over. From New York to Philadelphia, the hometown of American Liberty, where the Declaration of Indipendence and the Constitutions of the United States of America were signed. In Philadelphia one can not give up taking a photo next to the George Washington monument and why not, even Rocky Balboa, a successful saga conceived by Stallone. 

Times Square

From Philadelphia we arrived in Washington. Here we have visited the most important places of interest in the city: the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the statue of Martin Luther King and the Capitol. Tiredness does not have to exist! So… travelling right now to the state of Pennsylvania! We had the pleasure of knowing better a community, that of Amish! We went on touring to Canada: in Toronto we went up to one of the tallest towers in the world, the CN Tower, from which you can have a view of the whole city: one of the strenghts of the structure is Glass Floor, with a part of the floor covered with thick glasses that allow to anyone who has the feeling of being suspended in the void. We ended the tour with a nice mini cruise under the Niagara Falls, on a boat that took us under the falls: despite the k-way we drank, but also enjoyed a world. On the last day of our trip we come back to a museum, a compulsory stage for anyone like us to have the city pass: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met. Our journey ends here, between culture, art, fun, wonder: a sea of emotions that today, only telling, I live with joy. The journey of my dreams could not have been better.

This was my experience, but every trip is a precious opportunity to improve and grow. Yes, because, as John Steimbeck has written, “they are not the people who do the trips, but they are the journeys that people do.”

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