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Forever: Laura Biagiotti starts her way in the fashion

by Carmela Trabacco . photo by Giuseppe Spena
A new beginning. A new chapter. A new journey for Lavinia Biagiotti. It is her third journey that celebrates the brand Laura Biagiotti in all its beauty, elegance and originality. The Milan Piccolo Teatro, the Matteo Ceccarini music and the emotion that never misses in the Laura Biagiotti fashion show.

Creations that enter in the heart because they tell about life, feelings, dreams, memories, roots and especially the future. But all this brings to Rome through the Carlo Labruzzi prints, the great eighteenth-century Ottomanist whose collection is preserved in the Vatican.
Laura Biagiotti Forever

Fleece tunics, sleeveless chiffon dresses, full textured jacket and wide trousers, bulky sweatshirts, down jackets, but also t-shirts must have the designs of the most fascinating places in the Eternal City.
Laura Biagiotti Forever

Thin shades, from pink to brick, combine with each other reminding of the Roman sunsets and the sky that seduced and will continue to seduce millions of lovers forever. That sky that now with Laura Biagiotti is made up of silk, taffeta and chiffon. The sky that is shining even more thanks to Swarovski crystal light fingers that light the tulle.
Laura Biagiotti Forever

The great beauty of the Laura Biagiotti Spring Summer 2018 collection is white. White is a symbol of the purity of a love that will never end. The sweetness of a relationship between mother and daughter that can never vanish. Fashion is the passion of a great woman who can never be overlooked. Because she is imprinted in the soul of someone who loved her, her art and her courage.
Laura Biagiotti ForeverBecause it is inside the heart of Lavinia Biagiotti who looked to the future, with humility and courage, giving her impression. A woman who remembers her mother and her words. “Talking about my fashion means very much coinciding the course of my life.” Your fashion, forever. Goodbye Laura.

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