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BINF Fashion Show: Femininity and Luxury’s debut

by Mordylin Worlu
We are back talking about mundane events. The BINF Fashion Show ended its twelfth edition within the Fashion Week frame.

BINF is the window for every emerging designer, every year, as a kind of Sweet 16 it presents its debutantes at a two-day event. This year we saw showcased some pieces from 11 designer collection  and from the number of guests we can guess the event success.Who are the new fashion creatives of Milan fashion world? Let’s get to know better the new designers of the 2019 season.

Saturday, 22nd September
5 designers were presented and despite the various sources of inspiration and the different creative reprocessing, on the runway we found a sense of continuity and fellowship. Femininity and luxury.
Admiral chooses to highlight her Russian heritage with a complete faux-fur recalling the Shapka. The status symbol for all women of the cold East.

Violetta Nakhimova focuses on craftsmanship with two pieces apparently different but associated by strong land structured lines just as the women she gets inspiration from. All is embellished by Swarovski for a more expensive look.Dyanthus accentuates her research of luxury with custom pieces, which do not follow status or trend to tell of a unique woman who manages to stand out without resulting  to try too much: two bags black &white white in a tao pattern, a sort of Union of the senses, leather details and easy to go grips.

Chiara Fornelli and Keylook were able to highlight the facets of womanhood. Chiara Fornelli offers two versions of woman. A romantic and princely: a long circular skirt: delicate silk pastel colors and a belt embellished for a waist focus.
In contrast she shows a more mature and elegant woman in an electric blue dress: soft to the touch fabric and flared sleeves gathered by from laces on the wrists.Keylook tells of women that leave a mark, iconic women, just like the two dresses representing the brand. A sensual pink dress edged by black lace which sensuality is accentuated by a transgressive yet elegant rip.

The second look is way more voluminous: a tulle skirt that draws attention without being confusing; calling to “order” and giving balance is the stiffness found in the check tweed jacket with applied  buttons to complete the iconic outfit.Sunday, 23rd September
We saw gowns by six designers, femininity remains reading in a more heterogeneous overall: we notice elegancy and attention to detail thanks to the inclusion of ribbons, feathers and Swarovski following geometric illusions concluding with streetwear looks. Attention is payed in the choice of fabrics and colours, enhancing a sophisticated and romantic woman in her day to day life.

Claudia Bruschini Couture, after a childhood of fabrics and of theatre studies, exposes her artistic character in a shoe collection dedicated to the mother.

Ludovica Misso founds her inspiration in her travels bringing a Marrakech vibe to the runway. Silk that caress a woman who knows how to be bold but not over-the-top brings to life a versatile collection good both for a day at work and an evening event.

Veronicka offers two bags from her collection based on simple geometric shapes. Rhombus and Hexagon, simple and clean meet soft materials. Black is the collection central color, played down from flashy colors such as the bubblegum pink.

EVaeM is inspired by the dance levity. The pale pink and the white are the main characters of the two garments with simple lines yet strong in personality getting an individualized and refined outcome.

Paul Venier presents a streetwear collection designed for the young people, the ones dictating trends in major metropolises. A collection with spirit made of 100% organic cotton with graphics added thanks to a screen printing approch.

Anggy Haif brings back to life ancestral cultures through two dramatic and regal dresses. Artworks meeting fashion thanks to different mixed fabrics. Raffia, feathers, bark, cotton are elements that shows the intention of man to reconcile with nature through more ecological choices.

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