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Amlé . HOMI F&J Be a sweetheart

HOMI Fashion & Jewels presents the exhibition “Be a Sweetheart – the heart in fashion jewelry”

Business, trend and culture.
HOMI Fashion & Jewels innovative format in the world of fashion accessories

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From 15 to 18 February at fieramilano, over 600 exhibitors with 120 new entries, original visits and surprising events dedicated to the culture of accessories, simultaneously with other fashion fairs.

A unique window on the world of accessories, HOMI Fashion & Jewels presents itself to operators from 15 to 18 February at Fiera Milano (Rho) with a renewed formula that aims to represent the unique reference for the whole accessory universe, from fashion accessories to bijoux, to trendy jewelery, from beachwear, to components, from hard stones to colored ones.

The identity of the event, unique in Italy in terms of format, dimensions and merchandise on display, will be even stronger and more defined, thanks to a rich and concrete project, further enhanced by a new location, simultaneously with the other events dedicated to accessories and more closer to Milan Fashion Week events.Amlé . HOMI F&J Be a sweetheartHOMI Fashion & Jewels is thus affirmed in the panorama of events dedicated to fashion, its market and its trends. This is a truly indispensable appointment, able to offer operators the opportunity for new synergies, interesting creative stimuli, better effectiveness of the visit to the fair and greater business opportunities.

The wide and diversified offer increasingly represents the key to the event: a mix of innovation, design, craftsman savoir-faire and internationality extremely articulated by category, price-level, opportunity for use and purchasing processes.

Almost 600 exhibitors on display, 32% of which come from abroad, from 24 different countries, in particular from Spain, Greece, France, India and Turkey. The over 120 new companies in this edition confirm HOMI Fashion & Jewels as an event capable of attracting innovation and demonstrates the effectiveness of the scouting activity carried out in Italy and abroad (with an important response in particular from Spain and Greece).

A constant and continuous path that has made it possible to identify and select interesting market innovations, to propose them to operators through a new exhibition formula.

On the visitor front, on the other hand, HOMI’s scouting and profiling activities, carried out in collaboration with ICE-ITA, focused on countries such as France, Japan, Russia and Spain, selecting around 200 buyers who will be present at the event.

The new format redesigns the layout according to the most current distribution logics and range differences and is presented through four visit routes structured on the needs of the visitor and his final target: Style, Everyday, Gems & Components, F&J International Delivery.

The itineraries will be distinguished by product characteristics, positioning and distribution channel and will house special spaces inspired by specific themes and particularly original and innovative proposals.

Among these: New Craft, the area that houses the most exclusive capsules created by new emerging creatives; #tuttepazzeperibijoux, the project that brings together the best national and international proposals, in the name of originality and exclusivity, a reference point for concept stores and jewelers all over the world; and also the Special Summer area which offers a preview of a wide selection of beachwear accessories and outfits designed for the summer.

But at HOMI Fashion & Jewels there will be an opportunity to discover the new dimensions of craftsmanship and creative flair, beyond fashions and trends.

Also for this year appointment with #IAMTHEMAKER, the project that gives voice to artisans and admirers of the good and beautiful fact: exhibitors and buyers will have the opportunity to tell their story and their professionalism firsthand and, to their alongside, voice also to influencers and opinion leaders who will talk about craftsmanship from the point of view of those who live it, choosing and wearing it.

 There is a rich panel of events – aimed at all operators in the sector – which offers single and collective fashion show within the HOMI FJ Live Stage space and which includes workshops and talks involving international speakers on current issues and reflections.HOMI Fashion&Jewels - Amlé . HOMI F&J Be a sweetheartThe soul of the event is also completed with attention to trends, which makes this event a real cultural observatory on the fashion of bijoux and accessories, able to identify the trends that will characterize the next seasons and tell them to companies and operators.

Thus, thanks to the collaboration with high-level academic realities such as the Poli.Design during the event, a special installation will be able to illustrate with efficacy and clarity two important 2020-2022 trends that are emerging in the world of bijou and fashion accessories. Through descriptions of styles, color palettes and specifications on shapes and materials, it will be possible to discover “at a glance” what will be liked and will be in fashion in the coming months.

The culture of the accessory, on the other hand, will be the heart, literally, of “ Be a Sweetheart- – The heart in fashion jewelry“, the first of a series of exhibitions designed as a corollary of the editions of HOMI Fashion & Jewels to spread the creative wealth of thought and of art contained in the proposals of the designers present in the event which, from 8 to 18 February, will be housed in the spaces of Palazzo dei Giuseconsulti in Milan. For this first edition, the theme will be the heart, investigated according to all its forms.

Homi Fashion & Jewels is a unique event in new dates, designed in conjunction with two other important trade fairs dedicated to fashion accessories, MICAM International Footwear Exhibition and MIPEL International Exhibition of Bags and Leather Accessories, which will allow you to create a unique opportunity international business for operators in the sector.

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