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Erica Iodice Spring Summer 2020 collection

Erica Iodice Spring Summer 2020 collection

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The Spring Summer 2020 collection designed by Erica Iodice, creative director of the brand, is an ode to the contamination between couture and prêt-à-porter.

The contamination of these two worlds generates a dialogue between the different peculiarities of them, creating a perfect daily couture.

If on the one hand we have generous volumes and refined structures, strong and decisive shapes accompanied by other softer and sweeter ones, on the other we have the portability of clothes that lend themselves to different occasions of use and to be worn with elegance and boldness in the urban context.Erica Iodice Spring Summer 2020 collectionMain point of the Erica Iodice collection are the voluminous sleeves and power shoulders, which recall with their geometry the silhouette of the 80s.
The lengths alternate between the lengths of the evening dresses up to the middle and mini skirts and shorts.

They are clothes designed for a woman who expresses a desire to escape from everyday routine, a desire to get involved, to take risks, to make new acquaintances, but without ever having to give up to her femininity and elegance.Erica Iodice Spring Summer 2020 collectionAs always, the clothes are made entirely in Italy, respecting the ancient sartorial tradition, using the best italian fabrics.

The color palette is delicate but at the same time vibrant and contrasting. The pale turquoise alternates with bold orange, up to shades of pink. To break the palette is the black of maxi sequins that create the texture of mini and long dress.Erica Iodice Spring Summer 2020 collectionThe contrast and contamination that pervade the whole collection are taken up and emphasized in the advertising campaign which sees the looks immersed in an urban, modern and dynamic context, in which the models present a carefree and hedonistic situation, generating an intriguing contrast between the elegance of the clothes and a transgressive attitude.

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