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Hannah Willeta Kitchen

Glasses, stories and travels, the new spring 2021 collection by Oliver Peoples

by Giorgia Crescia
Malibu Confidential, this is the name of the new Oliver Peoples collection for spring 2021.
Not just a simple new line but a real story told and staged; set in a modern Mid-century residential icon, located in the hills of Malibu. The camera frames friends by the pool, the story is told and mediated also thanks to the surrounding landscape and the aesthetics of the scene.

In this story we find emerging stars such as Ross Butler, Corey Knight, Hannah Ferguson and Yasmin Wijnaldum; the photos were taken by the famous fashion photographer Dennis Leupold while the film was shot by director Basil Faucher.

Hannah Ferguson Ysela
Hannah Ferguson

In the new Malibu Confidential collection there are cult models of the brand but also new and fresh frames. The glasses of the O.P. pay homage to the bold and colorful atmospheres of the 60s and 70s with gradient and customized lenses, metal acetate frames and elaborate filigrees.

The setting is that of Steinman House designed by Graig Ellewood, a well-known pioneer in architecture of this style, built in 1956 with a design that aims to blend indoor and outdoor environments together with the Southern California style.

Within the O.P. for spring 2021 there are different frames, the collection therefore covers various style requests; the Weslie frame, both for sunglasses and prescription, has a vintage bridge and shaded glass lenses, a modern style with vintage references; Laiya owes her particularity to her silhouette with dark lenses, for a cat-eye look; two very feminine and 70s-inspired frames are Ysela and Willetta, the latter featuring a butterfly shape.

Hannah Ross Wesley CasianMore classic is the Casian frame, with a robust character, a square frame in acetate; you can still find Martineau with key bridge and personalized filigree, inspired by the sunset towers, also this frame shows us a retro perspective and again Desmon and Gregory Peck 1962 that combine the modern and the classic.

In this line, however, attention is also focused on two cult frames that are dusted off and reinterpreted in a contemporary key, namely YTB and 382, ​​present for the first time in 1987.The YTB frame features a tortoiseshell on a yellow base with a noticeable vintage inspiration.

The 382, ​​on the other hand, are certainly only the most iconic frames, especially at a cinematic level, because they are worn in American Psycho, which are re-proposed in the O’Malley model.

The whole line tries covertly to explain the characters of the story and the characters who wear it. A lot of variety with references to retro and modern blended perfectly in these frames.

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