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Balibali Big shell Fascetta red

Balibali presents the jewel sandals of summer 2021

P.Rew.: Villani
An idea that was born in Italy and travels to the splendid Bali, in Indonesia, where knowledgeable hands craftsmen assemble top quality leathers and combine them with refined materials and bijoux, delightfully embellishing the products and making them absolutely unique.

This is the heart of Balibali, a company that has been offering perfect sandals for the summer for 18 years recall the magical island on which they are produced. From the scent of frangipani to the mountains volcanic, every single aspect of this place immersed in the green of the woods is enclosed inside the jewel shoes.

Balibali Big shell Fascetta red
Balibali Big shell Fascetta red

The insole in memory is the plus that cannot be missing in a prestigious shoe, ensuring comfort to the wearer. The 2021 Balibali sandals collection includes 33 models to choose from, each with one different peculiarity. Extremely recognizable, these fine shoes are ideal for the sultry days in the city, but also to accompany the wearer to aperitifs and formal dinners on the long side sea.

Balibali node black
Balibali node black

The models are artcolat on the must of the summer and embellished with bright details, small shells golden, silver serpents that wrap around the ankle and glittering red corals that linger at every step. There is no lack of coloratssime pearls and beads that wrap the back of the foot like they were bracelets, souvenirs of a journey that holds a special place in the heart. Balibali offers a wide range of creations, versatile products, inevitable in summer outfits, but above all some proposals designed for brides.

Balibali Big shell Fascetta bli
Balibali Big shell Fascetta blu

In the historical period we are experiencing, it is essential to think of summer as the moment perfect for celebrating and meeting our loved ones outdoors, in moment outdoors. Perfect for brides, but also for guests, the Wedding Stone and Wedding Diamond e models they are made unique by bouquets of precious stones, delicate beads and small details that make them unique footwear.

To complete the Balibali product portfolio, the Node model, which stands out from the others both for the simplicity of the upper, but above all for the heel 5 that makes the shoe stand out among the many fat models.

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