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Ellesse withe winter collection

Ellesse sneacker withe winter collection

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Ellesse, one of the most iconic brands in global sportswear, is preparing for the winter season with a style that has remained unchanged over time thanks to a recognizable design and an allure that transcends any historical moment or trend.

Still today Ellesse continues to be the brand with sporting origins from which Nice Footwear draws inspiration for the creation of new footwear collections to which it adds leisure contaminations to make it the streetwear shoe par excellence.

Ellesse withe winter collection
Ellesse withe winter collection woman

The collection of winter sneakers is inspired, as always, by the brand’s retro collections and by the all-Italian DNA but with a hint of the contemporary.

The Milo sneakers stand out for him, a retro running shoe made of leather or mesh that adapts to any style situation. With a minimal design, the Dom model is one of the most versatile sneakers with a timeless look.

Ellesse withe winter collection
Ellesse withe winter collection

 A dive into the past instead with Kian, the sneaker inspired by the lines of the 80s, comfortable and stylish that gives lightness and resistance for a unique look.
For her, instead, retro-inspired models such as July, the lace-up with a refined and elegant look, and Ashlie who transforms the style from casual to cool. An irresistible sneaker-style for Daisy, a variant with clean lines that is confirmed as an indispensable must-have for this season.

This collection also confirms Ellesse’s unique and distinctive style that aims to shape the new panorama of global streetwear while always remaining faithful to its origins.

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