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Inter Campione Champions Legue 2010

Inter win their third Champions League. The first triplete of an Italian team

by Giuseppe Spena In collaboration with Antonio Steffenoni – photo © Inter.it
Two years have passed since Marilena Buganza wrote the article about the presentation of the Magician Mourinho for us. Since then, things have happened, and victories and trophies obtained. And to think that many criticized, Mancini’s exoneration that the Portuguese coach, however, would soon have forgotten.

Despite the farewell of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Inter start well in the championship, with the arrival of Samuel Etò, Diego Milito, and Wesley Sneijder and fight first with Juventus, who on the return will leave the race with a negative losing streak .Inter Campione Champions Legue 2010Then it’s Milan who bite behind Inter, then it’s Roma, who even surpasses it in the race for the championship. Meanwhile, in those same weeks, Inter gloriously won 2-1 at San Siro with Chelsea and 1-0 in London, and thus obtained the magical qualification for Madrid against Barcelona (3- 1 in Milan and 0-1 in Barcelona). Not even time to rest and the Nerazzurri team gives the 18th championship to the north corner and to all its fans.

For Roma, who with Chievo won by 2 goals a o, it seemed made but at the 16th came Milito’s scudetto goal, which crowned Inter Italian champion. But Moratti and the fans want the triplete. And so we arrive in Madrid on Saturday 23 May 2010, historic day for Italian football. Inter win their third Champions League, finally lifting the cup with their ears! And again with two jewels by Diego Milito, who broke the Bayern goal at 34 ° in the first half and doubled in the 25th of the second half. Inter are celebrating, the Nerazzurri fans and the Curva Nord begin to savor the taste of victory: What they know of anxiety and anguish, which turn into joy and become glory!Inter Campione Champions Legue 2010Inter are lined up with:
12 Julio Cesar; 13 Maicon, 6 Luciu , 25 Samuel, 26 Chivu (23 ° Stankovic), 4 Zanetti, 19 Cambiasso; 27 Pandev (34 ° Muntari), 10 Sneijder, 9 Eto’o; 22 Milito (47 ° Materazzi). Coach: José Mourinho.

Mourinho, let’s taste for a minute, the Bernabeo field in Materazzi, which is still and still a world champion, of the 2006 World Cup, and just at Santiago Bernabeu, our national football team won the 1982 World Cup, with Germany (the blue triumph was 3-1 with the goals of Paolo Rossi, Tardelli, and Altobelli).

As Bruno Pizzul would say all too beautiful. Unfortunately, to spoil the party in part, there is Mourihno’s bitter half confession, which announces his intention to leave Inter. The team immediately flies to Milan to celebrate at San Siro with their fans, at 6.00 am: waiting for the European champions at the stadium, to celebrate the magic hat-trick with them, there are 45,000 fans. The memory of Sarti, Burgnich, Facchetti is still alive, but now the refrain is this: Julio Cesar, Lucio, Samuel … for this wonderful season of records! After the world championships in South Africa are over, there will only be time for a short holiday, given that many Inter players will be involved in their respective national teams, despite the sensational exclusions from the C.t. Maradona of the champions Cambiasso and j. Zanetti.

Then Inter will face Roma in Shanghai for the Final of the Italian Super Cup, and Atletico Madrid in Montecarlo for the final of the European Super Cup in Montecarlo on 27 August, to then participate in the Club World Championship from 8 to 18 December 2010. Will it do it with or without Mou ?! Who will lead the champions? Hair? Guardiola? Mihajlovic (at the time, deputy of Roberto Mancini)? The official Inter site is the most clicked site on the net. And after winning the Champions League, the inter.it network touched a new record. On Sunday 23 May 2010, the site recorded the following data: 5,859,974 page views and 1,137,560 visits, with which it exceeds its record of visits which was 4,600,000 pages and 923,000 visits, a record obtained by last 30 April, after Barcelona – Inter (press office inter.it) A curiosity: in January 2008, our magazine had received the invitation to the Evisu fashion show, and in that fashion show Inter celebrated the centenary of the founding of the team Internazionale Football Club, and I had photographed them Estaban Cambiasso, and after a few shots I said to him: “Estaban, now I want the cup”, and he, with his Argentine Lombard accent, replied “Don’t worry that we win!” He kept his word: Madrid 23 May, Inter beat Bayern 2-0.

Inter Trophy Notice Board:
Italian champion (18) “Only Italian team to have never been relegated to Serie B”

1909-10, 1919-20, 1929-30, 1937-38, 1939-40, 1952-53, 1953-54, 1962-63, 1964-65, 1965-66, 1970-71, 1979-80, 1988- 89, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10

Italian Cup (6)
1938-39, 1977-78, 1981-82, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2009-10

Italian Super Cup (4)
1989, 2005, 2006, 2008

Champions League – Champions Cup (3)
1963-64, 1964-65, 2009-10

Intercontinental Cup (2)
1964, 1965

U.E.F.A.Cup (3)
1990-91, 1993-94, 1997-98

Mundialito Clubs (1)

Rai 1 Sport interview:
Inter will celebrate the Champions League just won at the Meazza stadium, immediately after returning to Italy, then around 4 in the morning. This is what the Nerazzurri club decided to immediately celebrate with its fans the cup that had been missing for 45 years.

Moratti: “Sad but grateful to Mourinho”
“Goodbye Mourinho is a sad note? Yes, of course, but I remain very grateful to Mourinho because it made us win a lot and gave us the confidence to be able to win on the international field”. Even the president of Inter Massimo Moratti makes it clear that the chances of Mourinho staying are almost nil.

Zanetti: “It’s true, Mourinho leaves us”
“Unfortunately, the coach leaves us. The victory of this cup is his ”. After the unequivocal words of the person concerned, the Inter captain Javier Zanetti admits that Mourinho’s farewell is already done. And Zanetti speaks already of the next Nerazzurri coach: “the coach who arrives will find a large group able to fight on all fronts, I hope we will be able to win with him too”.

Mourinho: “Only Real Madrid sought me out”
“Only Real took an interest in me, but I didn’t speak to anyone and I didn’t sign anything: I promised that I would speak after the final.” Mourinho said so confirming that his fate is in Madrid. “I don’t stop when I win, and here I win everything: I won the Champions League with two clubs, I can do it with three.” Then the relationship with Italy: “I didn’t like many things: for 3-4 months I think I’m going away”.

Mourinho: “More likely to go …”
“I want to be the only manager who wins Champions with three different teams. It is more possible that he will go away than I will stay.” With these words Josè Mourinho says goodbye to Inter “I will always like the Nerazzurri team”.Esteban Cambiasso (photo by Giuseppe Spena)                                                                                                       Esteban Cambiasso (photo by Giuseppe Spena)

Fans-thugs destroy stall
Note out of tune in the celebrations: a dozen Inter fans, immediately after the final whistle of the referee, destroyed a stall of Inter souvenirs and gadgets in Piazza Oberdan, also beating the Sinhalese ambulante who ran it. The man was hit in the head with a stick and was slightly injured. After overturning the stand, the fans raided flags and trumpets to celebrate their team around Milan.

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